In powerful songs, award-winning musical scores, and unforgettable recordings – musical mastery is in whatever Michael does. You can read Michael’s touring schedule at Reverb Nation, and on his own site: UPDATE.  Michael is on the road with his new CD Old Man Dancing. Available now on CD Baby See the CD BLOG PERFORMANCES […]

COME to Our Spring Showcase   “Jamie and Michael bring us to our lives: to cherish what is simple, know what is lost, and remember the best of times.” Songs of a Catholic Childhood Presented by Chief O’Neill’s Pub and Restaurant And J. O’Reilly Productions With Jamie O’Reilly and Michael Smith Thursday, April 19 at […]

NOVEMBER E-NEWS A Note from Michael I love playing gigs in Texas because the folks there are very lighthearted…hey, it hasn’t snowed thirty-one inches there for many a Halloween and it’s not likely to. Also I love driving for long distances, and going to Texas I can think about a song for hours and hours […]

JAMIE O’REILLY J.O’REILLY PRODUCTIONS AUGUST  E-NEWS “The dreams told me if you visited there seasonally – between the squatters who find it in the rainy season and the icicles that stay for winter – it’s a rather pleasant little lake house, a cottage really, sitting in a clump of woods behind the new subdivision with […]