Michael Smith April E-News & Spring Showcase

J. O’Reilly Productions, Cultural Arts and Blog
J. O’Reilly Productions, Cultural Arts and Blog
Michael Smith April E-News & Spring Showcase

Songs of a Catholic Childhood is sold out for the run!

MAY – Read about Michael’s Fitzgerald’s gig May 24 and more.


Michael’s latest Blog:

Life Lessons from Me and Rudy Vallee:

“So one of the big advantages to having the privilege of growing old is that you get new, presumably cooler viewpoints that would not have been afforded you if you were too soon dead, yeah? And oh yes, you get to look back and see these big mistakes. Of yours. The gift of growing old, and it is a wonderful gift, no question.”

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SONGS Update. April 16
Looks like a sell-out!

Listen to Michael’s radio interviews

Dinner Theater. April 19, 22, 26 in Chicago

“I remember when gas was eleven cents a gallon
Round the time of Burns and Allen
Way before Jimmy Fallon
I remember when gas was eleven cents a gallon
You had fish on Friday
And you had to wear a tie to go to school”
(From “Pagan Children”, Michael Smith)


A Note From Michael
This (cruelest) month I’m doing a few presentations of Songs Of A Catholic Childhood with Jamie O’Reilly, a further exploration of a show we did recently for a gathering of Chicago’s St. Scholastica alumni. Writing new stuff for it, messing with some of what we already have. This is the funny thing: the more one reminisces, the more one remembers. You do have a little file cabinet up there, and if you open it up often enough you discover how unsuspectedly near you are to that far time and place. Life does seem to zip by, a thought you probably weren’t ready to encounter on this little email, huh?

It’s 7:00 PM Th April 19, 4 and 7 PM Sun April 22, and 7 PM Th April 26 at Chief O’Neill’s and the folks at O’Neill’s are reportedly glad to have us all coming and going and talking of Michelangelo.


Easter Sunday, April 8 at 11 am, Michael appears on The Folk Show
WNUR 89.3 FM. Streamed worldwide at wnur.org
And Podcast: http://marconi.soc.northwestern.edu/folk/


Michael Smith & Jamie O’Reilly
Songs of a Catholic Childhood
Th April 19, 7 PM
Sun, April 22, two shows 4 PM, 7 PM
Th, April 26 at 7 PM
Chief O’Neill’s Pub and Restaurant
3471 N. Elston Ave
Music Cover $20; Special Dinner Package $25
Reservations Required PH 773.583.3066

Read about Songs here


See Michael’s videos  http://www.michaelsmithmusic.com

Hear his song Sure Has Grown Michael Smith-Sure Has Grown © Bird Ave, ASCAP



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  1. Is the Songs From Catholic Childhood just a show or a new CD? If not, sounds like it should be!

    Michael, thank you for all your treks to Corpus Christi Texas and the Burning Bush Cafe. I have shared your songs and childhood walks down memory lane (Roy Rogers, Sr, Clarissa, Catholic school…) with my children (adults) and they are now fans also.


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