Jamie & Roots in New City Magazine

The story of Roots Salon and Jamie’s salonnière history are the featured story in
New City Magazine, July edition.

“During a full house on an unseasonably warm Sunday evening in late February, a gathering of like-minded souls came together in the front room of Tre Kronor, the cozy Scandinavian café in the North Park neighborhood, to hear singer, salonnière extraordinaire, and all-around cultural entrepreneur Jamie O’Reilly perform material for her Roots Salon.” (June Sawyers, New City)

“The key ingredient to a successful salon was the right combination of people, place and content.“

June Sawyers, New City

It was in the garden of Tre Kronor where Jamie O’Reilly’s Roots Salon put down roots. In May of 2021, as people were gingerly beginning to re enter public space and O’Reilly herself felt ready to perform in public again, she thought about that “magical” garden. With the encouragement of co-owner Patty Rasmussen she presented shows there under the shadows of sheltering trees, she called it Roots in the Garden. (New City)

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