Jamie O’Reilly hosts the Heritage Bake Sale & Raffle at Chief O’Neill’s Pub. A one-night only event, featuring baked goods from home cooks created from treasured family recipes gathered from Roots Salon community. Hosted by Judi Heikes and Jamie O’Reilly, the bake sale will take place at Chief O’Neill’s Pub during her Legacy Concert event. Offering homemade foodstuffs for sale to take-home. We will also offer several premium items in a Raffle!

Jamie sings John Dale, the poignant story of a street painter who paints the portrait of an elusive lady. Michael Smith introduced the song to us. . Here she honors her late a partner on the 3rd anniversary of his passing. Accompanied by John Erickson.

Our concert downtown at Cliff Dwellers in March was a great experience; singing for this venerable organization with their focus on cultural and history was tailor-made for me. Here is the the article my new friend, the vibrant Eve Moran shared with me she wrote for the Cliff Dwellers Journal. Tough Broads & Tender Lasses: […]