The Gift of the Magi, featuring Jamie O’Reilly & Michael Smith Jamie and Michael perform this “veritable Christmas basket, overflowing with musical treats. Smith’s mahogany and O’Reilly’s pure crystal tones wash over the listener.” This holiday favorite, inspired by O. Henry’s short story features Michael P. Smith’s original score written as an Americana Ballet (for […]

Vinegar Man, Jamie O’Reilly & Friends This CD project started as a gift for former Rogue Tom Amandes. Jamie’s old band-mates Stuart Rosenberg, Peter Swenson, Paul Amandes, and John Floeter, with pianist Josh Lava, accompany Jamie, daughter Meg, sisters Kate, Beth Ann and Bridget perform an eclectic mix that includes How Black the Fields, Lonesome […]

Songs of the Kerry Madwoman Lyrics by Pat Monaghan music by Michael P. Smith. In this original song cycle, Monaghan’s powerful retelling of Mish, the Madwoman, an Irish myth, Jamie sings with cello, guitars, lutes, oboe, flute, piano, tin whistle and bass. The traditional favorite The Foggy Dew is the finale. “Truly a masterpiece. What […]

Swimming Deeper,  Jamie sings Michael Smith’s songsJamie sings a soulful set of songs arranged and accompanied by Michael P. Smith on guitar & bass. Flowering Henna, Waving to Picasso, Annie Laurie, and more. BUY CD Baby,

Jamie O’Reilly & The Rogues, A Collection Irish Folksongs Reissued, re-mastered compilation. A hybridization of Irish traditional folk music with musical hall vigor and chamber music style arrangements by Jamie, Tom and Paul Amandes, Peter Swenson, John Floeter, Stuart Rosenberg. “The CD makes it clear that this was probably one of the best Irish ensembles […]

Heart of A Woman, A Jamie O’Reilly Compilation Limited Release. This CD is Compilation of 20 years of Jamie’s ballad recordings.  Jamie is accompanied by the Rogues. Peter Swenson, and Michael Smith on Will Ye Go Lassie Go, Ave Maria, Hombre del Mundo, A Case of the Smarts, Alles vous en, Rozinkes mit Mandlein, and […]