SongNotes: Allez vous en, Cole Porter

Jamie sings the bewitching ballad, with John Erickson at piano

Allez vous en
Jamie O’Reilly

I’ve recorded two versions of this charming Cole Porter song. We included it in Scarlet Confessions in 2001. I’m singing lead, with Anne Hills, harmony and Michael Smith and Paul Amandes, guitars and harmony,
Al Ehrich, bass.

I recorded it in the summer of 2019, with John Erickson on piano, at WFMT Studio. I sing it in most shows, including Tough Broads and Tender Lasses. And people sing along to the chorus.

Jamie and John at Center Portion

Listen to Jamie sing Allez vous en (Go Away) with John Erickson, piano

With Anne Hills, Michael Smith

Allez vous en, Lyrics

Since the moment when first
Like a rocket you burst
In my hitherto tranquil skies,
I am startled to find
I am not color blind
When I view the hue of your eyes.
Therefore please do not take me to task
If the following favor I ask:

Allez-vous-en, allez-vous-en, monsieur,
Allez-vous-en, go away.
Allez-vous-en, allez-vous-en, monsieur,
I have no time for you today.
Please be a dear, just disappear, monsieur,
Bid me farewell, do, do, do.
Allez-vous-en, please go away, monsieur,
Or I may go away with you.

Scarlet Confessions

First rendition from the musical revue Scarlet Confessions, with Jamie and Anne Hills, Michael Smith and Paul Amandes


Allez vous en, from Can Can

Music & Lyrics by Cole Porter
Book by Abe Burrows

Produced for the Broadway stage by Feuer and Martin Shubert Theatre, Broadway 7 May, 1953
London Coliseum October 14, 1954.

Can Can is a delightful show about Paris in the 1890s, a time remembered for artists, music, dance and most of all, love. The show concerns the lives, loves and pure zest for life of some of the more Bohemian citizens of Paris.

The show contains the famous “Garden of Eden” ballet and some entrancing Cole Porter songs such as “C’est Magnifique”, “I Love Paris”, “Allez-vous-en” and “Can Can” which flow logically for the context of the story.

The song was featured in the musical Can Can when it was introduced by the French actress Lilo. A recording by Kay Starr was the biggest hit.

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J. O’Reilly Productions, Producer
Artwork: Nia O’Reilly Amandes, Iwona Biedermann, Grace Amandes