SongNotes How Black the Fields

Jamie O’Reilly
How Black the Fields
Words and Music by Greg Brown

How Black the Fields with Russian Lullaby
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In this 2009 recording with former bandmates, Jamie sings the lead
with Peter Swenson and Paul Amandes, guitars; Josh Lava, piano
John Floeter, bass and Stuart Rosenberg, mandolin
Stuart is featured on a Russian Lullaby as an instrumental

How black the fields in the early spring
Careening (comes ringing) thru the sky
The farmer dreams (fears) what the year will bring
Birds rest with open eye (lonesome)
The few deer fly to the dancing place
Orion falls from sight

Oh rock me in the universe
Rock me ’til I sleep
Rock me when I leave this place
Rock me sweet and deep

I think I’ll walk until the sun
Brings us another day
Men quarrel with everyone
They grow old and refuse to play
But how black the fields in the early light
The seed is on its way