WinterSong ~ Voices of Roots Salon, Vol I ~ Jamie O’Reilly

Jamie O’Reilly WinterSong
Voices of Roots Salon, Volume I

This 13 track compilation CD, released in time for the holidays, features Jamie’s warm soprano on a lush collection of live and studio recordings, with musical accompaniment by her gifted musical friends. WinterSong includes selections from the Jamie O’Reilly Trio, The Rogues, WFMT radio performances, and previously unreleased covers: Lucinda Williams “Blue”, and John Denver’s “Leaving on a Jetplane.” 

Jamie O’Reilly WinterSong
Voices of Roots Salon, Volume I

Songs: A Wanderer Am I, The Fairy Tree, A Cradle in Bethlehem,
The Riddle Song, Red is the Rose, Blue, Rozhinkes mit Mandlen, Silent Night, Greensleeves, A Soalin’,
Before the Blue, Leaving on a Jetplane, Footprints in the Snow.

Featured Musicians: Peter Swenson, Michael Smith, Paul Amandes, The Rogues, Bob Weber, Katrina O’Reilly, Shawna Lake, Al Ehrich, Nia and Meg O’Reilly Amandes, Sarah Chang, Miriam Sturm, Pat Fleming, Michael Amandes and others.  Thank you for your contributions over the years.

Wintersong ~ SonglistWinterSong is a production of J. O’Reilly Production for Roots Salon. Proceeds from CD sales support the Salon and Winter-Rising: Snowbound Artist Diaries multi-arts project:
Jamie O’Reilly, Stella Brown and Nia O’Reilly Amandes, curators.

Winter-Rising, a year-long investigation
into the affect of winter on the artist psyche






Listen to Cradle in Bethlehem


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Jamie O’Reilly WinterSong
Voices of Roots Salon, Volume I

A Wanderer Am I
Words and music by Michael Smith
from The Gift of the Magi, Craig Williams, engineer
with Katrina O’Reilly vocals, piano, Miriam Sturm violin,
Michael Smith and Pat Fleming guitars,  Bob Weber cello, Al Ehrich bass

The Fairy Tree 
Words by Temple Lane, Music by Vincent O’Brien
from Jamie O’Reilly and the Rogues, A Collection of Rogues Recordings
Recorded live at Woodstock Opera House, Tim Powell, engineer
with Peter Swenson, Paul Amandes guitars, Tom Amandes recorder,
Stuart Rosenberg mandolin, John Floeter bass

A Cradle in Bethlehem
Words and music by Alfred Bryan, Larry Stock
from WFMT Folkstage live, Eric Arunas, engineer
with Michael Smith, Paul Amandes guitars, Katrina O’Reilly piano,
Bob Weber cello, Gerry Romack violin, Al Ehrich bass
*Thanks to Peter and Nancy Clark and Rick Warren for use of these tracks.

The Riddle Song, traditional 
from Swimming Deeper, Robert Arendt, engineer
with Michael Smith guitar, bass

Red is the Rose, traditional
from Souvenir, The Jamie O’Reilly Trio
with Michael Smith, Peter Swenson guitars, Bob Weber cello, John Floeter bass

Words and music by Lucinda Williams
The Jamie O’Reilly Trio, (previously unreleased),  Peter Swenson, engineer
with Michael Smith, Peter Swenson guitars, Bob Weber cello

Rozhinkes mit Mandlen
Words and Music by Abraham Goldfaden
from Pasiones: Songs of the Spanish Civil War
Recorded live at WFMT, Mary Mazurek, engineer
with Michael Smith guitar, Katrina O’Reilly piano 

Silent Night, instrumental 
Words by Joseph Mohr, Music by Franz Gruber
from The Gift of the Magi

*Greensleeves, traditional instrumental 
WFMT Folkstage live

*A Soalin,’  traditional
WFMT Folkstage live

Before the Blue
Words and music Stuart Rosenberg
from The Way the Heart is Sculpted, O’Reilly Van Delinder & Swenson
Alan Purvey, engineer
David Van Delinder, Peter Swenson guitars, Bob Weber cello,
Shawna Lake oboe, Jim Seidel bass, Dave Rush drums

Leaving on a Jetplane
Words and music by John Denver
Peter Swenson, engineer at private studio
with Katrina O’Reilly vocals, Peter Swenson guitar, bass
Special thanks to Bernadette and Don Haderlein and Bridget O’Reilly for use of this track.

Footprints in the SnowFootprints in the Snow 
Words by Jamie O’Reilly, Music by Michael Smith
from Songpainting,
inspired by the paintings of Gabriella Boros
Stuart Rosenberg, engineer at SPACE
Musical arrangements by Peter Swenson
Bob Weber cello, Shawna Lake oboe,
Al Ehrich bass, Michael Amandes percussion
Nia and Meg O’Reilly Amandes, Sarah Chang background vocals
with Michael Smith, Peter Swenson guitars

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