Winter-Rising Snowbound Artist Diaries Project


Winter-Rising update! 

We’ve had our first gathering – hygge, started with our writer’s “prompts,”
and the FACEBOOK group is sharing photos and stories and winter recommendations.

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Ah, Madame Winter.  
Dramatic, bone-chilling, isolating, revealing, inspiring, inviting…
What will be your masterpieces this year?

Winter-Rising: An investigation of the affect of winter on the artist psyche

Last winter’s polar vortex in Chicago was long, unrelenting and brought surprising consequences. This year, see winter with a fresh eye. Be part of a select group of artists who will keep diaries throughout the winter, documenting their observations, thoughts and inspirations. Take your diary with you wherever you go: draw in it, write poems, save found objects. Join our winter community.

Starting New Year’s Day: Winter-Rising Phase I, The Diaries

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STAY TUNED! Winter-Rising website launched next week!
Our first “Hygge
(Danish for cosiness) event was in late January.

Coming this Spring, Winter-Rising Phase II: The Results.
We make work with the diaries. Your work is considered for presentation.

When the vegetation goes away the city is a new place. The streets seem bigger. There is more sky. The forest has been abandoned, and it feels like you are sneaking backstage – you get a fresh view of the place. During the winter humans own this place. We are bound together as Chicagoans who love it here. We own it, so we stay and use it. We will be here when the plants turn green again, and we will be here when they die again.  (Stella Brown, Winter-Rising)

The Coldest Day, Stella Brown
The Coldest Day, Stella Brown
Nia and FDR
Nia and FDR

Featured Artists & Curators
Stella Brown and Nia O’Reilly Amandes

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framedJ amie at N Park


Friday, Jan 30
“Hygge” S. A. D. Member-Only Event
at Jamie’s Roots
A cosy, festive candlelit gathering with music and storytelling and a back yard fire.

“Epitaphs, Apparitions, and the Wintry Guest”
Conceived and Directed by Jamie O’Reilly
With original music by Michael Smith
Saturday, Feb 7 at 3 PM
RhinoFest at Prop Thr
3502 N Elston Ave. Chicago, IL
All-ages show.
$15 or pay what you can

Theatrical Reading with Music.
Jamie O’Reilly & Co perform “Epitaphs, Apparitions, and the Wintry Guest”, as part of RhinoFest 26!. An ensemble of readers from Chicago’s acting community, (including Rhino regulars and a cadre of O’Reillys), embody voices from the beyond in ghost stories, poems and songs, as rendered by the Brits: the Bard, a Bronte, and Masters of American literature. Among them: Herman Melville, Emily Dickinson, Willa Cather, Oscar Wilde, Charles Dickens, Zora Neale Hurston, Dylan Thomas, and Noel Coward. With music by Michael Smith and Jamie O’Reilly and the ensemble. Additional script contributions from Belinda Bremner. More here: