Jamie O’Reilly Roots in Ireland, a video, a musical journey

Jamie talks about her musical journey and the inspiration behind the Roots in Ireland project.
With songs, photos and videos from her four decade career as a beloved ballad singer.

“I want to offer something concrete as a legacy, and find a good way to keep this journey going.  Rather than that this time be about sad memorials, I want to embody living history.  And that’s how the Roots in Ireland project came about. “

This video is dedicated to Bella, Winifred, and Michael

Video credits
Filmmaker: Jeffrey Bivens
Off camera interviewers: Briavael O’Reilly and Catherine Gallogly
Hair stylist: Nancy Becker-othman
Still photography by: Iwona Biedermann, Tamara Staples,
Brad Baskin, Jennifer Girard, J.B. Spector, Mary Lewis and others
Home movies: Phillip Amandes, Tom Amandes, Anne Hills (lake)
Songs: Red is the Rose, Annie Laurie, Such Things Are Finely Done

Thank you to Siobhan McKinney

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c 2021, J. OReilly Productions, Chicago

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