Venue Opens with Songs of a Catholic Childhood!

“It was in this Overflow Coffee Bar that Devens and O’Reilly were sitting last week, taking a break from their work and tripping back through their careers…The Venue has a fine location, in a building that also houses the Daystar School, a pre-K-to-eighth-grade private school, and spaces used for other classes and activities. There is a parking lot (free) a short block away and a delightful coffee house fronting State Street.” (R. Kogan, Chicago Tribune)

 Read the Tribune story.

“While performing and recording, O’Reilly has also headed J. O’Reilly Productions, an artists management, development and production company. She has been working closely with Devens on the launch of his new club and will play a headlining part in its debut at 8 p.m. Saturday, with Dyed in the Wool opening for O’Reilly’s and Smith’s “Songs of a Catholic Childhood,” a stories-and-songs show.”

“It’s the perfect double bill,” says Devens, a big smile crossing his face.


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