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tradeTRADE-SHOW.  After 35 years in the biz, I knows lots of people’s hidden talents. I barter from time to time: arts coaching for a homemade ethnic meal, voice lessons for a massage, promo services for artwork. Tax stipulations notwithstanding, it’s not a full blown sideline, but I think it’s good arts practice. Builds relationships, spotlights talents of my pals, and keeps the artist working (and maintains self worth) when cash flow is low. College kids learn quickly that friend who shot your portfolio pics, because you fixed her computer, isn’t as easy to pin down after graduation. Consider trading when you’re in a bind. Make sure you’re upfront about what you need and expect, especially with turnaround time for projects. Who knows, with any luck, maybe the cartoonist down the block knows how to move a fence…Anybody?

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Trade for concert admission: we have a Roots Salon wishlist.
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  1. Hi Jamie,
    I never tire of listening to your cd.& especially am enjoying the most recent winter songs. Perhaps you recall “Jan”, my friend who attended the Thanksgiving salon event. ( which we totally enjoyed!) Thank you so much for organizing that. She is a skilled, trusted & therapeutic, licensened massage therapist. Would you be interested in bartering w. her? Consider. It is a great alternative stress reducer. Take care.

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