The Songs of “SONGS”, program & fan mail

“Together Smith and O’Reilly have created a two-hour song tribute to the American Catholic Experience”.

Songlist from Songs of a Catholic Childhood








Comments about our “hit” showcase:

“Gorgeous, glorious, heart-breaking/warming/stopping, tears of laughter and sorrow performance last night! Would not have missed it for the world.  So many, many memories. Thank you and Michael for your beautiful voices, music, and souls.”  – B. Bremner

“I laughed and cried tonight at your lovely and beautiful show. ” –  K. O’Neill

“I too laughed and cried. A beautiful show indeed.” –  L. Smith


From a Blog by Pat Hickey:
“The Sunday afternoon at Chief O’Neill’s was a real palate cleanser. The fine restaurant and pub named in his honor was a wonderful venue for celebrated songwriter, singer, guitarist and unapologetic Catholic Michael Smith and songstress Ms. Jamie O’Reilly.  Together Smith and O’Reilly have created a two-hour song tribute to the American Catholic Experience.  This is not a nun-bashing, priest eviscerating abattoir, but a banquet of sacred and touching memory of Catholic Childhood. The songs and tone itself was a celebration of Catholic experience, especially those of us who remember pre-Vatican II.  May Crownings, Christmas memories and sweet classroom moments were celebrated in songs adapted or written by O’Reilly and Smith…

I hope that venues like Beverly Arts Center, Irish Cultural Center, Balzekus Lithuanian Museum, the Italian American Sports Hall of Fame, and the Polish National Museum avail their facilities to these great artists.

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