The Selfish Giant Michael Smith ~ new recording!

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J. O’Reilly Productions, Cultural Arts and Blog
The Selfish Giant Michael Smith ~ new recording!

Hear Michael’s newest recording!
14 Original Songs from the hit Blair Thomas & Co. Production!

“And his twelve peach trees they forever bloomed for every little child
One little boy grew up and told of their beauty and his name was Oscar Wilde
One day the giant went to sleep beneath the tree where he’d met the little boy
the peach tree dropped its blossoms on him as if it was crying for joy”
(A Good Long Life, from The Selfish Giant)

Listen now ! A Good Long Life by Michael P. Smith, c Bird Avenue, ASCAP

Selfish Giant Cover (final)Pure joy!
Singing and playing a variety of instruments, Michael performs a charming set of original songs, inspired by Oscar Wilde’s story about a grumpy giant who forbids children from playing in his garden. After the children are locked out, the trees and flowers refuse to grow and the garden plunges into an eternal winter. Then one morning, the children sneak back into the garden, bringing with them the joyous rebirth of spring.

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Selfish Giant Back Cover (final)Reviews of The Selfish Giant songs:

“The slightly creaky folk vernacular Smith employs is tonally ideal; quietly advancing the plot, identifiable to the children but capable of rendering fond reminiscences in their parents, these are not the leaden, sentimental cry-cues of some contemporary kid songcraft.” (Jonathan Richardson, New City)

“I really liked the music. I thought it was childlike but still adults could like it and it would get stuck in their head…he sort of had a little bit of a squeak that made the Giant’s voice distinct from the others and it made it funny! I think it was cool how the person who did all the music also did all the voices.. In the book they talk a lot about birds, but they never really have the birds have a say in anything. In the show the birds have a bird song with these beautiful bird puppets.”  (10 year old Ada Grey, blogger)


The Selfish Giant now on stage
Chicago Children’s Theatre
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Featuring original puppets and music, The Selfish Giant is enormously imaginative,
gigantically whimsical, and is sure to thrill children and giants of all ages.