A Note from Michael Smith This April I’m in St Louis and Grand Rapids, places that sound to me sometimes as if I was on a vaudeville tour, but with much pleasanter hotel rooms. In St. Louis I love the restaurant that’s right next door to the gig, exotic food on a peaceful street. In […]

    MICHAEL SMITH, SONGWRITER OCTOBER E-NEWS CONCERTS, WORKSHOP, TOURS Southern Illinois Maplewood/St. Louis, MO Austin and Houston, TX Baltimore, MD and Bethlehem, PA     SOUTHERN ILLINOIS Thursday, Oct 10, 6:30 PM Hayner Library Performance Room Alton Square Mall, 2nd floor Alton, IL  62002 To register, PH (800) 613-3163 More information: (618) 462-0677 MISSOURI […]

          “My plane geometry teacher at Passaic Valley, the unforgettable Mr. Werner, used to say that there’s no way to describe a spiral verbally, you always wind up having to whirl your finger around. “ (On Songwriting, Feb. Blog post, michaelsmithmusic.com) *** Michael interview in Lake Forester/Pioneer Press, in print. And […]