Jamie O’Reilly’s Root Salon Master Speaker Series Presents Stuart Rosenberg A leben ahf dein kop mayn chaver! Stuart Rosenberg, Roots Speaker? What’s not to like? This February, Stuart and his ensemble appeared in the Spring 2014 Performing Arts Series at Lewis University.  *** Saturday, Jan 18 at 8 PM Roots Salon (private address in Lincoln […]

  A Note from Michael This month I’m working with Blair Thomas, who is an interesting man and who has a very calm way of approaching his life and art. I’d love some of that to rub off on me and that’s one of the many reasons I’ll enjoy working with him again in “The […]

Read about Jamie’s new cd project   JAMIE O’REILLY J. O’REILLY PRODUCTIONS AUGUST/SEPTEMBER E-NEWS BACK-TO-SCHOOL August 21, 2012 Dear Friends, Personally, I am happy to see this summer end.  Well, the blisteringly hot, hazy drag-of-a-summer, end. Not the lovely times celebrating daughter Meg’s engagement, my sister Dorothy’s Masters and new teaching job, and singing in […]

Roots Salon Presents Beau O’Reilly and Edward Reardon Deep Ballads and Odd Blues With Special Guest Willa Moore Saturday February 25 8 PM Roots Salon 773.203.7661 or email roots@jamieoreilly.com Private address call for reservation “I am at my most joyful on stage, in a band, singin raw or sweet.” Roots Salon presents a full evening […]

Little Falls, NJ  – Winter, 1948 A Note from Michael It’s occurred to me lately that the Blessings Apparent of Christmas gradually change throughout one’s life. When I was seven it was that the Lionels came out of their boxes.When I was in eighth grade Christmas was the big plaid flannel shirts my godmother Kay […]

Jamie O’Reilly and Michael Smith bring their beloved folk-cabaret to SPACE on Sunday, October 9, and perform a live concert on WFMT’s Folkstage Saturday, December 10, wfmt.com. With Katrina O’Reilly-Greene and Bob Weber, cello. A Note from Jamie. A great deal has changed in the political and cultural landscape since Pasiones: Songs of the Spanish […]