Read this as an Enewsletter: Autumn winds whirl as Leaves leave trees. Heavy snow on Halloween. Temperatures drop. Branches bow.Jiminy Cricket! Holy Cow! November’s comin’ in.Grab your coat ‘n get yer hat.It’s winter-time again! A note from JamieWith a big family to consider, plans to make, and grandchildren to entertain, the “holidays” start for […]

“When songwriters talk about the occupation, the job, everybody’s different yet everyone’s the same. The unique part is how it’s verbalized. But the path is always the same…” Michael P. Smith “On Songwriting”. Michael’s thrilling storytelling tutorial on: favorite songs (Jamaica Farewell, Save the Last Dance, Lord Randall, I am the Walrus), the inspiration for […]

FOOD. WINE. CONVERSATION. SONGS. HUMOR. INSPIRATION. Join Us for Roots Member Night Harvest Potluck & Salon Artist Showcase featuring holiday treats!  Saturday November 22 at 7:00 PM Jamie O’Reilly’s Roots Salon Admission dinner & showcase: $25 (Roots Member card gets you in). PH: 773-203-7661; E: Space is limited.      Proceeds support Roots Salon Series 2, “Community,” 60-for-60 Member campaign.  The […]

  Roots Salon Performance Series “60 STORY ANIMAL” Judith Harding & Beau O’Reilly do Beckett! Theater, Music and Beau’s Birthday Soiree… Fri/Sat, May 16/17 @ 8pm Roots Salon in Lincoln Square (call for address) $20 donation, buy via Paypal below Reserve a spot PH 773.203.7661; E: roots @jamieoreilly Special guest Friday: writer Jim Joyce Music Saturday with […]

MICHAEL P. SMITH SONGWRITER APPEARANCES APRIL-MAY-JUNE   A note from Michael. Sometimes your life turns in a way that makes you think: oh how fortunate for me. Good things happen when you least expect them. Well, I hope your life has its legit quota of these moments, because it seems to me that I’m getting way […]

ROOTS SALON MASTER SPEAKER SERIES PRESENTS CECILIE O’REILLY “There’s something quintessentially human about the human voice, and understanding it enables us to peer more deeply into the unique, complex properties of our own species. So in some important sense, an investigation into the voice becomes an exploration of our humanness.”  (The Human Voice, Anne Karpt) […]

Roots Salon “Ancestors” Series Presents Date tba. Spaghetti Folk Night Jamie O’Reilly Jamie O’Reilly’s Roots Salon (private address in Lincoln Square) $25 includes meal* PH: 773.203.7661; E: Roots Salon launches its new music series We serve a spaghetti dinner with traditional marinara and (meatless) salad, garlic bread, dessert and coffee. *You BYOB. Sing along.  Reservations […]