Read this as an Enewsletter.“ When the sun was low and the air was cool, Stopping to club the walnut tree Standing leafless against a flaming west. Now, the smell of the autumn smoke, And the dropping acorns, And the echoes about the vales Bring dreams of life. They hover over me. They question […]

Michael P.  Smith January Blog and E-newsletter A Note from Michael January is always a good month for beginnings, and this year I resolve I’m only going to play gigs I’m crazy about playing. It’s amazing how Social Security can strengthen one’s artistic integrity. As I grow older I am so more appreciative of Franklin Delano […]

Hear Michael’s newest recording! 14 Original Songs from the hit Blair Thomas & Co. Production! “And his twelve peach trees they forever bloomed for every little child One little boy grew up and told of their beauty and his name was Oscar Wilde One day the giant went to sleep beneath the tree where he’d met the […]

MICHAEL P. SMITH SONGWRITER JULY ENEWS FALL PREVIEW On Independence Day, a note from Michael. For me July has always been a time for scary stuff. It’s when I had the most time to go to the South Orange library (next door) when I was a kid, and it’s when I discovered Ray Bradbury’s Dark Carnival, which is […]

APPEARANCES A Note from Michael I always got nervous around the beginning of May when I was a kid because you had to get these flower crowns together for the statue of the Virgin Mary. Each student was assigned a day. The Virgin Mary was not about to wear the same flower crown two days […]

  Michael P. Smith, Songwriter March E-Newsletter Concerts, a Workshop, Flick Reunion       A note from Michael Oh man I’m getting to go to New Jersey for a while and visit with my pal Dave Jeffreys. I get to play a show in Brick, and to see what The Shore looks like now. Bracing myself a little. And […]

    MICHAEL SMITH, SONGWRITER OCTOBER E-NEWS CONCERTS, WORKSHOP, TOURS Southern Illinois Maplewood/St. Louis, MO Austin and Houston, TX Baltimore, MD and Bethlehem, PA     SOUTHERN ILLINOIS Thursday, Oct 10, 6:30 PM Hayner Library Performance Room Alton Square Mall, 2nd floor Alton, IL  62002 To register, PH (800) 613-3163 More information: (618) 462-0677 MISSOURI […]

    Cherry blossoms lose their bloom in the autumn You lost your cool in the fall You stumbled and you fell right down to the bottom Nobody cared at all But for me You would have stood there with egg on your face The bitter taste of old champagne Up to your neck in […]

  Michael Smith, Songwriter Summer Performances June, July, August “Michael Smith, a truly remarkable songwriter, teaches his craft to a roomful of students at a songwriting workshop in The Studios at SPACE. After the class, he performed his gorgeous, intricate, and often hilarious songs to a sold out crowd. An incredible night with this gifted […]