MICHAEL P. SMITH E-NEWS  CONCERT SCHEDULE  NEW YEAR’S EVE JANUARY thru MAR 1, THE SELFISH GIANT   “A brilliant songwriter, best known for his intricate, evocative portraits of the inner life of his subjects, and for songs made famous by his friends Steve Goodman and others.” -Stuart Rosenberg DECEMBER Michael, Brecht, Steppenwolf Tuesday, Dec 2, 7:00PM Poetry Foundation 61 […]

MICHAEL P. SMITH OCTOBER ENEWS New MICHAEL SONGS for HALLOWEEN OCT/NOV CONCERT SCHEDULE SAVE THE DATES FOR THE SELFISH GIANT    A Note from Michael They say that Hallowe’en is the most popular holiday in the US. I think we’re all so relieved that Hallowe’en is for most of us comparatively unburdened with religious or patriotic significance. But […]

MICHAEL P. SMITH SONGWRITER Aug ENEWS NEW RECORDING FALL PREVIEW “I remember when the Russians were gonna take us over Parsippany to Dover Asphyxiate Rover All the girls would have to change their names to Anna Pavlova And if you were a guy you were gonna have to change your name to Ivan” (from Pagan Children) […]

MICHAEL P. SMITH SONGWRITER APPEARANCES APRIL-MAY-JUNE   A note from Michael. Sometimes your life turns in a way that makes you think: oh how fortunate for me. Good things happen when you least expect them. Well, I hope your life has its legit quota of these moments, because it seems to me that I’m getting way […]

Review in Maverick by Arthur Wood Michael Smith OLD MAN DANCING Bird Avenue Music ★★★★★ Download pdf Michael Smith_Old Man Dancing Maverick site http://www.maverick-country.com/#/new-issue/4544355335     “Simply a master class in folk-pop songwriting, recording and production, destined to be listened to again and again” OLD MAN DANCING is Chicago-based Michael Peter Smith’s first solo studio […]