“We wanted to say thank you for sharing such beautiful music with the neighborhood.” (On RootsFest 5, from Katie, a fan from the neighborhood) ROOTS SALON.  YOUR VOICE FOR COMMUNITY!   Join the Roots Season 2 Series “60 for 60” Member Campaign Your $60 contribution supports our second year: and the work of over 60 […]

  TRADE-SHOW.  After 35 years in the biz, I knows lots of people’s hidden talents. I barter from time to time: arts coaching for a homemade ethnic meal, voice lessons for a massage, promo services for artwork. Tax stipulations notwithstanding, it’s not a full blown sideline, but I think it’s good arts practice. Builds relationships, spotlights […]

Jamie O’Reilly’s Root Salon Master Speaker Series Presents Stuart Rosenberg A leben ahf dein kop mayn chaver! Stuart Rosenberg, Roots Speaker? What’s not to like? This February, Stuart and his ensemble appeared in the Spring 2014 Performing Arts Series at Lewis University.  *** Saturday, Jan 18 at 8 PM Roots Salon (private address in Lincoln […]

Roots Salon Presents Beau O’Reilly and Edward Reardon Deep Ballads and Odd Blues With Special Guest Willa Moore Saturday February 25 8 PM Roots Salon 773.203.7661 or email roots@jamieoreilly.com Private address call for reservation “I am at my most joyful on stage, in a band, singin raw or sweet.” Roots Salon presents a full evening […]