Summer-fare ~ Solstice Salon at Roots June 20, 7 PM

Carl LarsenBehind every great woman is a home
Roots Salon 2006 – 2015
A house. A home. A family.
An idea. A risk.
An adventure.
A dream realized.
A legacy. A farewell.

Salonniere Jamie O’Reilly Requests Your Presence
For Summer Solstice and The Roots Salon Finale

Saturday, June 20
7:00 PM to 10:30 PM
Roots Salon (private address)
Reservations required.
Cell 773-203-7661

$20 advance.  $25 day of. 

The Program. Summer-fare: A Taste of a City, The Final Roots Salon on Leavitt Street, features songs, stories, essays, poetry and remarks from the wonderful Roots community.  Tributes to the foods of Chicago summer of recent  and distant memory. Think food-carts, festivals, street fairs, weddings, picnics, the beach, and ball parks.

Jamie O’Reilly hosts a line-up of performers including:  Paul Amandes, Mike Amandes ,Mary Emmerick, Maureen Flannery, Lily Floeter Ensemble, Catherine Gallogly, Ben Hollis, Rich and Vicki Ingle, Cheryl Kreiman, Zoe Keithley, Michele Kurlander, Willa Moore, Nick Mozak, Joel Monarch, Beau O’Reilly, Beth Ann O’Reilly Amandes, Cecilie O’Reilly, Anne Schultz, Elisa Shoenberger, John Starrs, Sue Susman, Michele Williams and Michael Smith!

The Roots Music Legacy Award will be presented to flutist and composer Lily Floeter.

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Reserve for 7/20


Jamie, Meg, Nia '95LISTEN TO Jamie, Meg & Nia sing
This One’s The Dreamer, RootsFest, 2013
Photo, 1995

“This one’s the dreamer.
This one’s looking for the heart of the matter
This one’s a lonesome traveler, so far from home.
Who listens to a different drummin’
Sometimes to the wind that’s hummin’, in the pines
When the trees are still. Can you hear it?”


The Roots Music Legacy Award for 2015
goes to flutist, composer, vocalist Lily Floeter.

Lily Floeter
Lily Floeter

In honor of the Roots Salon over one hundred year musical legacy, and the ending of the chapter on Leavitt Street in Lincoln Square, I am awarding one of the second generation of musicians in our musical clan. On June 20, Roots will award Lily Floeter the first Roots Music Legacy Award!

The Roots Music Legacy Award is a cash scholarship given to assist a gifted artist of the second generation of Roots family to support their aspirations as musician and teaching artist. To aid in career development, and celebrate their dedication to the arts community of Chicago.

Lily, a master’s student at DePaul University School of Music, can be heard on Jamie’s recording Songs of a Kerry Madwoman. She has performed at several RootsFests, records with guitarist Peter Swenson and his daughter Cora, and is the daughter of bassist John Floeter, one of the Rogues.

Attendees to the June 20 Salon can buy raffle tickets for a chance to win a Roots Music Basket of CDs, with recordings from the many musicians who played here over the years. Revenue from the sales will be given as a cash award to Lily.  The lucky winner of the raffle will receive a lovely tribute to Roots Salon with the CD basket.

LISTEN to Lily on Morning Mist from Songs of a Kerry Madwoman


Flutist Lily Floeter, a master’s student at Jamie’s alma mater DePaul School of Music, is doing a gofund campaign to cover living expenses while student teaching as the financial aid and loan program was cut.  SEE HER FUN VIDEO
Lily’s campaign is here: 


  1. Jamie, we were sad to hear that this will be the last of your salon presentations. They were such wonderful events, in the spirit of a house party among friends. Just one of the many ways you have promoted music, the arts, and a sense of beauty in your corner of the world!
    Bless you!
    Mary and John

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