Starry Archipelago, song by Michael P. Smith, Moby Dick


“Starry Archipelago” song
Inspired by Queequeg’s Coffin soliloquy
from “Moby Dick”, novel by Herman Melville, 1851
Words by Herman Melville, Music by Michael Smith
Sung by Michael Smith




Poor Rover will ye never have done with all your weary rovin?
Carry ye to those sweet Antilles
where the beaches are beat with waterlilies
Float away on a beautiful day
to where the seas and the heavens interflow
Float away poor Rover to the starry Archipeligo



  1. Michael I love it. We need to get you a gig at Mystic Seaport. Right around Christmas people take turns reading Moby Dick from the deck of the Morgan whaling ship. You would make a perfect fit. PS the Illustration is great.

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