SongNotes: St. Brigid’s Salon Songs, Poems

by Jamie O’Reilly
Queen of the Four Fires, Feast of St. Brigid

Songs & Poems

Michele Kurlander photo of four firepits at the Salon

This is the program and songs links for the Roots Salon we presented on Feb 5, 2023.
The range of musical material is quite broad in style and tone — classical to chamber music — folksongs, musical theater and WWII melodies. Belinda, Judi and I are all history buffs, with a love of language, story, and humor. The Humanities prevail in all my themed Roots Salon events: music, literature, art, history, philosophy. There are also personal stories I share of the wild ride I took as an entertainer and community activist. Our Salons are intimate gatherings created to bring people together, to have a good “think” and a good time! As for me, I truly did take the road less traveled – and it DID make all the difference.



Jamie O’Reilly, Vocals, Reader
Judi Cogan Heikes, Host, Reader
Belinda Bremner, Reader
John Erickson, Piano

Introductory remarks by Judi Heikes (Bridget Cross and other traditions)

Song: Queen of the Four Fires
Music and lyrics by Michael P. Smith
Jamie sings on Swimming Deeper CD

Song: Young Lad of the Braided Hair
Poem Ancient Irish;. Music by Michael P. Smith
Jamie sings on I Know Where I’m Going CD
Full CD

Poem: Girl’s Song by William Butler Yeats
Song: Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow
Traditional Irish, English lyrics by Thomas Moore (1779–1852)
Arrangement by Clifford Page, from the singing of Dorothy O’Reilly
Jamie sings on I Know Where I’m Going CD
Full CD

Poem: A Present of Butter
Version by Earl of Longford, from Tadhy Dall O huiginn, 1591

Song: Mother’s Lament
from The Petrie Collection of the Ancient Music of Ireland, 1855

Belinda remarks on the Keening tradition
Song: Women Shawled in Black
Lyrics Patricia Monaghan; Music by Michael P. Smith
Jamie sings on Songs of the Kerry Madwoman CD

Music by Michael P. Smith; Unrecorded

Red is the Rose
Traditional Irish
Jamie sings on Souvenir CD, single

Reading, personal essay: Purgatory, by Jamie O’Reilly
Song: Sr. Clarissa
Music and Lyrics by Michael P. Smith
Michael and Jamie sing on Songs of a Catholic Childhood CD

Poem Mozart on Parnell Square by Patricia Monaghan
Songs: After the Rain
By Jack Popplewell and Bert Reisfeld, Our arrangement is by Lily Floeter
White Cliffs of Dover
Music by Walter Kent, Lyrics by Nat Burton
Unrecorded (as yet) by Jamie

Poem: When All the Others Were Away at Mass, by Seamus Heaney
Poem: Harp, by Judi Heikes
Poem: Brigid, by Patricia Monaghan

Song: I Fell Out of Love with Sin
Lyrics by Jamie O’Reilly; Music by Michael P. Smith and Jamie O’Reilly
Jamie sings on Songs of a Catholic Childhood CD
Full CD

Poem: Heavenly Banquet, by St. Brigid of Kildare
Song: Jug of Punch
Traditional Irish; Unrecorded

Poem: Curse, by James Stephens
Poem: Sailor, by Judi Heikes
Poem: When You are Old and Grey, by W.B. Yeats
Underscored with the song Farewell but Whenever
Traditional melody. Lyrics by Thomas Moore

Poem: Beannacht, by John O’Donohue
Song: Parting Glass
Traditional Irish, unrecorded

Postcard for event