Snowbound Artist Diaries ~ Week II & Prompts







Week 2
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Winter_Rising_SnowflakeWho we are and what we do.
Winter-Rising: Snowbound Artist Diaries is a Chicago area community arts project investigating the affect of winter on the artist psyche.  We encourage artistic expression in a mindful, tactile way through hand-writing, drawing, painting, photography, song-writing, cooking and taking in the out of doors. By keeping (and carrying) a diary the artist records life in real time, and the content may provide material for a future project. Fun Member events keep us from isolation. Weekly updates and prompts – via FACEBOOK, a tumblr site, blogs and emails provide guidance and inspiration.


Thoughts on the Diary from Jamie
Winter-Rising got off to a good start with a new logo and tumblr blog, a new FACEBOOK closed group page, and the first crop of member sign-ups.   What’s next?  Sign-up to follow the tumblr blog. Invite your friends to join.  The “Get Involved” tumblr page will have updates soon.  If you choose, follow the Facebook group instead, or as well, updates will appear there, too.

On Artist Prompts.  How’s it work?

You will receive a weekly newsletter and optional prompt by email.
Read it.  Print it out to take with you.
Follow the prompt.  See where it takes you.
While the information will be online don’t linger there long. Don’t search the web for ideas. Make something up!
Then away from the computer: camera, pencil or pen and book in hand… Go with it.
Check-in with us if you want.   Email:

On using prompts, I recommend 3 Steps for Using Prompts. Read about applying prompts to a project.
On getting permission to use material from the web/blogs:



writing the moon
Last week’s bitter cold startled us into paying attention to winter. Add to that the full moon-rising out my bedroom window.  Still vivid at dawn next morning out the Salon window, above the trees, lighting the street. The moon is a guide and a wonder.
1. Think about the moon. 2. Tell your diary about it.




Winter-Rising Member Sign-up is $25 for participation by application. Co-curated by Stella Brown and Nia O’Reilly Amandes. Jamie O’Reilly and Roots Salon as producer. Sign-up hereCall Jamie 773-203-7661, Email:   “Moon rise” by Krückstock, used with permission.