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J. O’Reilly Productions, Cultural Arts and Blog
Michael Smith SONGWRITING CD mail order page

Michael P. Smith’s Songwriting Album – Limited Edition!
Mail order now – info follows.
Michael E-News! CD release announcement and blog.

Michael talks…
Part Master class. Part musical memoir.
All Michael!  The long awaited recording!
Singer/songwriter Michael P. Smith reveals the inner workings of his songwriting process, tells stories: from first song and first guitar, to the inspiration for (and secret source) of his best known song The Dutchman, and performs this, and other songs, with distinctive Smithesque style. This winning recording offers a glimpse of this singular artist’s musical landscape, confirming why he remains a master in the American folk lexicon, revered the world over.

Written and performed by Michael Smith
Recorded in the Levin Studio at WFMT 98.7 FM
By Eric Arunas/Produced by Rich Warren
CD and promotional design by Nia O’Reilly Amandes
c 2018 Michael P. Smith, ASCAP Bird Ave Publishing
Produced by Jamie O’Reilly, J. O’Reilly Productions

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OR for mail orders by check filled by US – send an inquiry email to: mps.booking2@gmail.com
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Smith Songwriting CDs

Making Up Songs

“When I hear a songwriter taking up valuable airspace but not singing, what I’ll settle for getting from him is some indication of his working methods, maybe new ways to look at songwriting. I want to know if this songwriter is doing something I’m not, hey, I can always use the info. When songwriters talk about the occupation, the job, everybody’s different yet everyone’s the same. The unique part is how it’s verbalized. But the path is always the same.  I followed this path that songwriters follow. Way before I started trying to play the guitar…”

Listen to a sample
Track 2. Making Up Songs


  1. I have been a huge fan of Michael’s music since seeing him at the old Flick Coffeehouse in Coral Gables, FL in the ’60s. One of our greatest living songwriting artists…… Michael, your songs still continue to move me. And whenever people will listen to me, I try to spread the word about your work…. Thanks for continuing to bring such beauty into the world! Any chance you could get up to Maine sometime? Several great music venues in the Portland area, including One Longfellow Square; Last Church on the Left; St. Lawrence Arts Center; others.
    Best. Bob Foster, South Portland, Maine

  2. Bobby Ingram introduced us at Monty’s in the Grove in 73. I moved to Nashville soon after and succeeded at being an assembly line songwriter. Once I had aspirations I was reminded of listening to you in the clip above. Any workshops planned in the near future/?
    Sam Lorber

  3. I’m excited to get my order of 2 of Michael’s “Songwriting Album” CD’s! Do you know how long it will take? One is a gift and is a bit time sensitive.

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