Jamie O’Reilly sings the stirring anthem Sanctuary City, accompanied by images of Chicago – its immigrants, its lake, its buildings, its streets. With vintage family photos gathered from her community and contemporary photos by Iwona Biedermann. Written by Anne Hills and Al Power. Video by Anne Hills. Art direction by Jamie O’Reilly.
© J. O’Reilly Productions, 2023.

Read more about the Sanctuary City song and read the lyrics here

Thanks to the following people who shared their photos with us for this video:  Iwona Biedermann, Mary & John Madigan, Monica Eng, Nancy Anselmo, Mary Fran Kennedy Niznik, Cindy Spaeth, Kate Zappen Mayton, Kathy Drennan, Kristen Vehill, Judy & Bob Riepl, Nick Mozak, Kathy O’Malley, and Kevin O’Reilly.