Sanctuary ~ Cris Williamson at the Women’s Festival

Listen Cris Williamson performs “Sanctuary” at the 2015 National Women’s Music Festival
Posted by National Women’s Music Festival on Saturday, July 4, 2015

Through the ocean of storms. Through the sea of crises…
Seas of sorrow, running tears of pain…By the willing heart, by the willing heart…”

As we care for our Mother, the days and nights are long, and hard, and still life-filled. I think of and thank my sisters, brothers, our children and partners, who tirelessly do for Winifred, and so for offer a place for the weary heart.
Love you. Jame

Lyrics “Sanctuary” by Cris Williamson
Through the ocean of storms. Through the sea of crises
We feel the ice ease its hold upon the heart
O, we are weeping-ripe for sanctuary
Carry us home, let sanctuary start

And the rising tide lifts all boats
Little boats that ride upon the sea
Seas of sorrow, running tears of pain
We’ll sail tomorrow, we’ll sail tomorrow
We’ll sail tomorrow, ’til we are home again

(CH.) So hoist your sails when the wind is fair
May harbor-home prevail, for the heart is there
Let sanctuary start, all lost will be found
By the willing heart, by the willing heart
By the willing heart

Home ground, home town, hide-out, hide away
Safe hold, safe place, cast out, castaway.
Katie Byrd, Janet Sayre, Giselle, Cecilie, Leonard, Chris, Trina O’Reilly,Katrina O’Reilly, Erik, Beau, Judith, Beth Ann O’Reilly Amandes, Paul Amandes, Mike Amandes, Eugene, Tammy O’Reilly, Phillip Arthur, Naomi O’Reilly, Ned O’Reilly, Kathleen O’Reilly, Briavael O’Reilly, Nico Pashka,Kerida O’Reilly, Taran O’Reilly, Sam, Gwen, Dorothy, Billy, Jacob Imm, Henri, Don, Elias Peters, Nadia Peters et al, Nia O’Reilly Amandes, Casey,Meg O’Reilly Amandes, Alex Riepl, Colm O’Reilly, Jennifer Bivens, Rory Jobst. And too FAR away: Bridget O’Reilly, Bernadette Haderlein, Willem O’Reilly et al, Maxima Nova, Sidonie KikiLebay Greenberg, Sarah Amandes, Charlie, John Wagner, Don Haderlein, Peter Haderlein, Jonathan James Haderlein, Gloria. Rhiannon.  And me Jamie O’Reilly