Roots End of-the Year & 2015 Preview

Jamie & Roots Happy New Year & 2015 Preview

Jamie winterGood-bye 2014.  Our Roots Member Night in November was a full house, with over 15 performers presenting original work, and a delicious selection of harvest dishes. Membership in Roots Salon, Season 2 is growing.  Grateful to a half-dozen or so generous patrons who make contributions to Roots: everything from purchasing extra memberships and tickets so others can enjoy, to making cash donations, to supplying refreshments for the Salons.

Thanks to all my clients and artists. Special thanks to Anne Hills, Beau O’Reilly, Sue Demel, Judie Anderson and Marguerite Horberg for the Rekindling Salon, HotHouse Michigan artist retreat. To the Women’s Salon for their huge contributions of talent and love. To Meg, Alex, Nia, Sarah, Casey, and the RootsFest musicians who donate their time.  Thanks to all who make Roots Salon a community.

In music news, Michael Smith and I put together new music for “Epitaphs and Apparitions”, ( our piece in the End of Life/Afterlife Series. Peter Swenson completed the transcription and musical arrangements of Michael’s “The Gift of the Magi” score for our December concert. That very moving evening completed my year-long artist residency at St. John’s Church.  I co-produced 4 original productions which featured over 60 artists in its presentations.  Thanks to St. John’s, Kara Wagner Sherer and Amy Meadows.

WinterSong, my limited release CD, sold-out at Christmastime and launched the Voices of Roots Salon audio series.  On December 23, our annual Christmas caroling party here brought 61 singers to the doors of my neighbors, with a wonderful feeling of goodwill.

snowbound teaserWelcome 2015. As the weather gets colder here, I am pleased to announce our newest project Winter-Rising: Snowbound Artist Diaries.  This project, curated by young artists Stella Brown and Nia O’Reilly Amandes, is designed to give artists a fresh eye on winter by keeping a diary.  Sign-ups start January 2.  Engage with us on a new website focused on Winter-Rising. The first member event, our “hygge,” will be held January 31, invitation required to attend.

Let Roots be Your New Year’s Resolution-Solution. My roster is growing. Looking ahead toward being a Grandmother (!) and expect to be “in” this winter. I have new clients, steady clients are doing great stuff, and singing students are coming to work with me.  Consider working on a project you’re longing to do.  I see clients Tuesday thru Friday in the Salon. I am also scheduling one-on-one writing sessions with songwriter Michael Smith.  More:

Stay in touch! Thank you again for your love and support of my work.

Jamie O’Reilly

RhinopageRhinoFest!  Chicago’s longest running fringe festival, now in its 26th year, is as ambitious as ever!  Running Jan 10 to Mar 1.  On Feb 7 at 3 PM, we bring an encore performance of Epitaphs and Apparitions, seen in our End of Life/Afterlife Series. The theatrical reading, with music by Michael Smith, features the work of American writers of the 19th and early 20th c. And an formidable ensemble of Chicago actors>  More here.


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