Jamie revisits old songs.

2019! I am thrilled to revisit the lovely songs I first sang when I was coming up as a voice student, and went on to sing for concerts, tributes and special cultural series throughout the Chicago area!  I’m calling these the SONGBIRD songs. Accompanied by piano. More.

Jamie presents music is by folk and art song repertoire, old world cabaret, and ethnic music: celtic, gypsy and Americana ballads, with a lilting voice, of broad range, tinged with the musical stylings of 30s/40s era songbirds. She performs accompanied by acoustic ensembles of guitars, piano and more.

The current set of songs debuted at the Chicago Cultural Center for the centenary of the 1893 World Columbian Exposition. (It’s WHITE CITY theme is popular now.)  And later I sang those songs and others as a cabaret with my Trio. And as an Irish Vaudeville program at the Irish Heritage Center. This is an evening of songs and stories exploring the circuitous route of love.  Vocal selections range from romantic and sultry ballads and folksongs, to parlor songs and standards from the 1920s – 40s, from the classic American songbook.