Presenting Yourself: Sometimes It’s the Best Gift


“There’s something about the way you sing and the way he plays that really does connect people with their feelings and intellect…what your doing with your programs is being organized, and beneficial, and running a program where you’re using both right brain, and left brain.” (-Music Therapy innovator in audience at a recent concert)

The more I hear about the importance of creating a “brand,” and how to sell it, the more I believe that people get involved in people. If you are talented, charismatic and good-natured – and do what you say you will do – people will pay attention.

That said, some situations aren’t right for us. We need to have trusted friends and colleagues who can point out to us when something is not a fit. We may need to roll up the welcome mat and move to a new residence.

I am seeing lately, sometimes, it’s this person they want!

My Mom, when she sees me disappointed over a group experience  – generally provoked by a person who is a: (fill in the blank) control freak, egomaniac, difficult or toxic person – tells me,  “Honey, it’s just a bunch of personalities”.  (She also says, “Take a walk around the block.” “You’re just overtired.”  Or, “Take some baking soda in water. ” But I digress...)

Ad writer and radio Terry O’Reilly , who hosts The Age of Persuasion, a great show on NPR about marketing and advertising, says, “In the end it’s all about people.” And so it is.

Selling Yourself

“In the end, clients buy the people in the room”.

  • Do your homework
  • Have good manners
  • Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse
  • Roll with the punches
  • Take chances
  • Know what motivates your audience
  • In the end it’s all about people.

Here is a link to some more tips from Terry (No Relation) O’Reilly, from The Age of Persuasion, Website Blog, Radio show & books

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“One of my students loaned me a copy of The Artist’s Way…I would wager YOU could write a deeper book on the same topic…” (- a consulting client)

And Terry O’Reilly also says, “practice humility.”
And so we shall…