Come into my Parlor… Jamie raps on productivity

Writing the wrongs…making the art and community happen. 

Roots Salon, parlor

When I did research for my first class on Self Employment in the Arts for Columbia College, I found a pocket-sized guide to productivity for business at the Kroch’s and Brentano’s Bookstore. Deciding to put an end to the misconception (which I once had), that to “do art” one must first feel inspired and it’ll be a go…(which led to many unmet desires and deadlines), I rewrote the manual as a guide to productivity and time management for artists. Yes, while inspiration is essential, work is work. My Mom used to say, “It doesn’t happen by osmosis.”  You’ve gotta do it. I gotta do it.  I work ahead of deadlines. And so, if I host, say, an artist event (for 40) in my house involving doing promotion, moving furniture, managing personalities, and making Members happy — you gotta work ahead — like two weeks: make lists, shop, delegate, practice, do laundry, make a budget and be ready an hour before with a smile. At the end of the evening, you can look at the work you did, and celebrate its success.  And the next day, soak in a warm tub and plan the next big thing.

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