SONG Non je regrette rien: Amandes, Hills, Smith, O’Reilly


Song From Scarlet Confessions

LISTEN to Non je regrette rien.

Dear Ones whom I love
remember you are the most
interesting beings under heaven
For you all love and parties.
For you all sacrifices
All virtues. All vices.

Dear Ones,
I see you all around me still
Let the world be your pleasure
And use it at your will.
Drink to my last words.
Remember me as young and bold.
For the young never realize
the old were not born old.
Dear ones.  Dear Ones.
I neither regret or repent.

(Poem by George Moore. Read by Michael Smith. )

Photo by Iwona Biedermann
Featuring Paul Amandes, Jamie O’Reilly, Anne Hills, Jamie OReilly
Copyright, 2002, J. O’Reilly Productions

Recording courtesy of WFMT Fine Arts Radio, Peter and Nancy Clark
Eric Arunas, Engineer

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