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February & March
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The NEW CD The Selfish Giant, show reviews!
The Wintry Guest at RhinoFest, Feb 7
Valentine’s Concert for Edgar’s Place, Feb 14
St. Pat’s Kick-off  & Songs of a Cath Childhood,
Chief O’Neill’s Pub, Mar 5
Homeward Bound: New Jersey, Mar 20-21


A Note from Michael

  Once upon a time, little children, before doing a show I would say to myself: boy, wait’ll this audience gets to hear what I have to offer! Then for a while I’d be like: oh maybe I don’t know what I’m doing and maybe it’s really showing that I don’t, and showing right now! Then I’d go, what do I have to change? Maybe I need to be more like him, or them or whatever. That would lead to: I’m not gonna change a thing, in fact I’m gonna be more off the wall than I’ve ever been! And finally the circle would complete with, wait’ll this audience…etc. Over and over. (And this might all go on in the first song!) Yes, children, in the wrong light, what one does artistically can look really dorky to oneself. “Dorky dorky dorky dorky dorky dorky dorky”. (William Kotzwinkle).

    Well, tonight (on Facebook) my friend Al Power sent out this beautiful photo of the shore of a stormy Lake Michigan, and Al quoted a couple of lines from my song Rondi’s Birthday. From what I gather Al’s quite a bright star in his field, got some books out, and folks, I’d like to tell you that Dr. Al curtailed that mind game for me, this cold and windy evening, pretty good. Simply because: the one made him think of the other. So check it out, It’s beautiful. Oh I already said that. Wait’ll you see it…

    Meanwhile this month, Selfish Giant rolls on, having a wonderful time, wish you were here.

February & March Concerts

10914793_10202295696954374_1765890915182652316_oSaturday, Feb 7 at 3 PM
“Epitaphs, Apparitions, and the Wintry Guest”
With original music by Michael Smith
RhinoFest at Prop Thr
3502 N Elston Ave Chicago, IL
PH 773.492.1287

Saturday, Feb 14 at 8:00 pm
Michael’s Valentine’s Concert
Edgar’s Place Coffee House
Unitarian Universalist Community Church
70 Sycamore Drive
Park Forest, IL 60466
PH 708.481.5339

Thursday, Mar 5 at 8 PM
Jamie O’Reilly & Michael Smith
with Peter Swenson, guitar
St. Pat’s Kick-off
Songs of a Catholic Childhood: Lenten Tales
Chief O’Neill’s Pub
3471 North Elston Avenue
Chicago, IL 60618
For dinner reserve here: PH 773. 583.3066; chiefoneillspub.com
For show reserve here: PH 773.203.7661; Tickets/Blog with PayPal link


Friday, Mar 20 at 8:15 PM
De Cafe at Perkins Center for the Arts
395 Kings Highway
Moorestown, NJ 08057
PH 856. 235.6488

Saturday, Mar 21 at 7:00 PM
Rosie’s Cafe
Brick Township, New Jersey
E: rosies-cafe@comcast.net

PENNSYLVANIA! Just added! Michael at Robert Bobby’s.
Sunday Mar 22 at 4 PM (ET)
Robert Bobby’s Basement
Wrightsville, PA 17368
PH 717-252-9066

“A ripe, sun-kissed peach blossom of a production…”

Seflish Giant-Web-Images1

From The Selfish Giant New City review. 

“It may be Michael Smith’s lovely and thoughtfully brilliant songs, developed specifically with Thomas for the play, that return many for a second or third performance. The slightly creaky folk vernacular Smith employs is tonally ideal; quietly advancing the plot, identifiable to the children but capable of rendering fond reminiscences in their parents, these are not the leaden, sentimental cry-cues of some contemporary kid songcraft (Randy Newman, I’m looking at you). I was happily reminded of “Percy”-era Kinks…” (Jonathan Richardson)
Read More.

Tickets from Chicago Children’s Theatre
Jan 23 – Feb 22 *
Ruth Page Center for the Arts
1016 North Dearborn
PH 872-222-9555

*Selfish Giant Extension announced!
Wednesday,  February 25 at 10am .   Saturday, February 28 at 11am ,  Sunday, March 1 at 11  am,    Sunday, March 1 at 1pm

“As articles unto themselves, Smith’s songs are of a caliber that certainly warrants a table of CDs for sale perched next to Wilde’s source material.”

NOW HERE!  The Selfish Giant CD album on cdbaby.

Selfish Giant Cover (final)Singing and playing a variety of instruments, Michael performs a charming set of original songs, inspired by Oscar Wilde’s story.
Pure joy! On CD Baby.com  Mail?  Order by email.

Songlist: Everyone’s A Giant, This Particular Giant, No Kids Allowed, Kid Free Zone, Imaginary Guitars, Us Birds, Winter All Year, Not About To Go Back There, Giant Winter, Like It Much Better This Way, Bye Bye Winter, I Get The Picture Now, A Good Long Life, A Beautiful Story

Selfish Giant cover: Kelly Stribling Sutherland
CD Design: Nia O’Reilly Amandes Design
Songs: Michael P. Smith, Bird Avenue, ASCAP

Order now!




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