Monday, Monday! A Cultural Animatrix faces the week ahead


You asked. I tell.

On any given morning this is what I do…

Monday June 3
6:15 am – 10:30 am


First thing check email (6 addresses)

Check and read FACEBOOK

Congratulate extended family on many, (many!) accomplishments

Check links from Friends

Look at job postings and calls for artists and requests for submissions online,
then send out emails and links as referrals to friends

Look at online arts listings – read about programming

Check sites where I am listed and other artist pages to compare and see what’s new

Promote songwriter Michael Smith

Answer booking responses and negotiate terms for gigs

Review, copy and sign a performing contract for my Trio

Work on a new project description for my writer’s group’s grant application

Schedule next events in my Salon

Contact potential client with a new proposal

Contact colleagues and check-in about recent work and the response to it

Tweak and update my blogs

Upload photos to Blogs

Update 4 FACEBOOK pages

Upload photos to FACEBOOK

Check numbers who view posts

Review and update mailing list with new names gathered over the weekend to email lists
on 2 servers

Write personal notes to fans as follow-up to last gig

Composed and sent dozens of emails in 4 hours

10:30 am: Review progress

Call the bank and see how little cash there is

Get a headache

10:53 am: Post this blog

Tell myself I’m still worth a million


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