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c7dd62d2-a95d-4745-bc7a-ccb939776334A Note from Michael

I was born in September in South Orange, which is officially a village, a town that always became extra beautiful to me when autumn came round. When I was thirteen I would walk up around Seton Hall, back when folks burned autumn leaves, at a time when I was still beginning to discover what some songs can do to you if you let them.  A lovely month with one of the best songs ever attached to it, by Kurt Weill and Maxwell Anderson.  At thirteen getting old was just an interesting fantasy, and I loved September Song when I was thirteen. That simple and sophisticated melody, and if those words don’t knock you down, honey, you’re already dead.

September Song teaches some lessons: one is, let people know now when you think they’re cool, so, I’m so glad to be doing two dates with Anne Hills this September. She is a cool person, an awfully industrious writer and a beautiful singer and picks up on everything, so it sure is fun to do gigs with her. Also happy to be doing WFMT and finally organizing (by this Friday!) my thoughts about songwriting. And the days dwindle down…


Anne Hills and Michael Smith
Sat Sept 26 at 8:00 PM

Off Square Music hosts
Unity Spiritual Center of Woodstock
225 W. Calhoun Woodstock, Illinois 60098


Sun Sept 27 at 1:30 PM
1245 Chicago, Evanston, Il.


Games, by Leopold Segedin“Games” painting by Leopold Segedin, the artist who inspired Michael’s song Hey Kid is featured in The House Show, a retrospective of his work 1942-2015, is taking place at his residence and studio in Evanston, IL.  Friday Sept. 11, Saturday Sept. 12 and Sunday Sept. 13. Hours vary.  Follow Leo on FACEBOOK. See the Hey Kid video here.



Michael is California-bound Oct 18 and 21!
Sunday, Oct 18 at 7 pm
Folkey Monkey Presents
at Vision
San Diego, CA
Wednesday, Oct 21 at 7:30
Tales from the Tavern Series
at The Maverick
Santa Ynez, CA 93460
Call 805.688.0383

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  1. Michael your reference to leaf burning in autumn evoked memories of that wonderful smell. It brought me back to Cameron field and ice skating and sledding on the hill, hiking in South Mountain Reservation, Hemlock falls, Turtle back, and the horse trails of West Orange, the gas street lamps and the lamplighter that used to adjust the lamps and replace the mantles. It caused me to google search Cameron Field and I learned at this late date that Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig once played baseball there. Thanks for for stimulating that glimpse back.

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