Michael Smith Notes from Toronto

On Tour With John McDermott
December 2012


For the past three weeks I have been guest-performing, touring Canada with John McDermott, who is a very well-known singer up here and also pretty prominent in the U.S.A. John recorded lovely versions of The Dutchman and Crazy Mary and (I’m happy to say) will soon be recording Roger Maris. This has been a happy experience and a musical education, as John is a lovely man besides being a major talent and I’ve had the privilege now of watching him work at various venues and under varied conditions. I always come away edified. I don’t usually get to watch anyone’s shows on such a constant basis, nor have I ever alternated working and traveling this frequently either, planes, tour busses and cars. There have been quite a few times when I’ve had no idea where we were (well, it is Canada) or what day of the week it was. Honestly it has occurred to me a few times that it might not necessarily be that advisable for me to try to get any more “famous” than I am right now. I envy John’s consistently high energy level and his constantly positive vibes. And that voice, man. He is doing a Christmas-oriented show and I am particularly thrilled by his O Holy Night. He also does John McCutcheon’s Christmas In The Trenches, which I must say is some beautiful piece of work. John McD’s guitarist, Jason Fowler, makes me want to go home and practice. And practice. Speaking of going home, I’m back to Chicago soon, looking forward to Snow Queen at OTS, and a couple of perfs of Songs Of A Catholic Childhood. Have Yourself A Merry.

Michael Smith

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