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Michael in Rockport, Mass
Photo by Mary Barker

Michael P.  Smith
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Independence Day: A Note from Michael Smith 
Somebody said one flag (Confederate) going down and one flag (Rainbow) going up. So grateful to live in the good ole USA. In the good ole twenty-first century. While often seduced by the “things are going to hell in a handbasket” thing (where’d THAT come from, anyway?) I gotta say people, esp. US citizens, will surprise you and fill you with hope for the eventual perfectness of humankind. Also I love hearing the Ineffectual Cavilling Orchestra play, and love feeling that the cynics have lost bigtime.  Bless them Founding Fathers, man, things would be a lot worse in this world without them. I usually don’t see the point of fireworks but this year it’s plenty different. AND I’m working some great gigs lately. I was in Rhode Island and Rockport, MA, and man, that clam chowder is revolutionary. Not ordinarily a joiner, I would join a Clam Chowder Party. …OK bye.   

Dan Downs Hosts Michael Smith
Saturday, July 11
Dinner at 6 pm; Concert at 7 pm
Little Switzerland, NC
Reservations and directions: PH 828.766.9468
Email: danandmattie@gmail.com

“Michael grew up just like us. He liked the Beatles, Elvis, Dylan and the Beach Boys to name a few. Like many of us he picked up a guitar and drove his father crazy as he sang their songs and practiced guitar behind the closed bedroom door of his New Jersey home. That’s where he stopped being like us…Many times you’ll want to clap and whoop it up hearing his guitar but you can’t because you don’t want to miss the words to his song.” (Dan Downs)

“My husband and I loved being introduced your music this week in RI, Michael. Totally enchanted. Where have I been?  You are very special. We look forward to hearing more.”  (Debra Mann, jazz singer)

C Am F G, Michael On the RadioDutchman sheet
Michael talks about songwriting, chords, and where he got his finest musical ideas, as guest host on Sweet Folk Chicago, WFMT Fine Arts Radio.  Recording July 18.  Stay tuned for airdate.

Save these dates

Fri, Aug 21, 6 pm
MCA Studio Blair Thomas & Co.
Moby Dick, music by Michael Smith
Museum of Contemporary Art
220 East Chicago Avenue
Chicago IL 60611
Free, reservations required
MCA Box Office: PH312.397.4010

Listen to Starry Archipeligo, by Michael Smith

unday, Sept 6
Fox Valley Folk Festival
Island Park
Geneva, Il
Free Parking At Kane Co. Government Ctr
719 S. Batavia Ave, Geneva, IL. (IL Rt. 31)
PH 630.897.3655
Web: FoxValleyFolk.com

More September  

Anne Hills and Michael Smith
Sat Sept 26 at 8:00 PM
Off Square Music hosts
Unity Spiritual Center of Woodstock
225 W. Calhoun Woodstock, Illinois 60098
Sun Sept 27 at 1:30 PM
1245 Chicago, Evanston, Il.
More about Michael on FACEBOOK and his website: michaelpetersmith.com


  1. Just listened to Starry Archipeligo. So wonderful. And had no idea you wrote The Dutchman….a long ago favorite. Trying to learn Hobo’s Mandolin on my mandolin…. Do you ever get out to the southwest? A bit hot now, but it will be cooler come december…

  2. Mr. Smith, I’ve long admired your song, The Dutchman, because it puts me in mind of the relentless and stubborn love my grandmother, Margaret Vos, held for my grandfather, Christian. Through tragedy and triumph, through sickness beyond belief, she held his hand and gave endlessly of her heart. I just wanted to thank you, from one South Side of Chicago Dutch family.

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