Michael Smith Jan 2019 Blog and Dates

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Michael Smith Jan 2019 Blog and Dates

Michael P. Smith
January, 2019
Enews & Blog
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Things I learned (or knew already) for this New Year:

  1. That I re-learn the same things over and over before they “take”.  And they often never “take”, as you can’t learn everything in one life. Well, I can’t.
  2. That you could say that anger is a charley horse of the mind.
  3. That it’s better to be alive than not, and what most of us are asked to do while alive is generally not that scary. But sure can seem so in anticipation, or in (as I tend to think of things), “dread”. I remember thinking at seven years of age: Oh man, I don’t know how I’ll get through the third grade. Multiplication, man.
  4. That at Christmastide it can be comforting to contemplate the lyric to “Deck Us All With Boston Charlie”, by Walt Kelly, bless his heart, which, luckily for you, I reproduce from memory here:

“Deck us all with Boston Charlie
Walla Walla, Wash., and Kalamazoo
Nora’s freezing on the trolley
Swaller dollar cauliflower alley-ga-roo
Don’t we know archaic barrel?
Lullaby, Lilla-boy, Louisville Lou—
Trolley Molly don’t love Harold
Boola boola Pensacoola hullaballoo!”

  1. That “I Am The Walrus” is more and more obviously the best song ever.
  2. That some of the more foolish lyrics I have written get even worse-seeming as I get older, and will wake me up at night for an intense and despairing re-examination if I forget to take an alprazolam; regardless, I continue to attempt to write.
  3. That, most foolhardily, I’ll continue to write songs in a world where there is already John Prine.
  4. That I have a gig on Epiphany—at The Winery on January 6th at 7PM—opening for Sons Of The Never Wrong. And I’m either getting $250 or $250,000 (the contract was smudged).Happy New Year to all!

Sunday, January 6, 7 PM
Sons of the Never Wrong
with Michael Smith
City Winery
1200 West Randolph Street Chicago, IL 60607
Ph 312.733.WINE
FACEBOOK event: https://www.facebook.com/events/162896067981548/

Sat Jan 19, approx 7 PM
Moby Dick Read-a-Thon
Newberry Library
Ruggles Hall
60 West Walton St., Chicago, IL 60610
Ph 312.255.3527

Michael will be reading about 7 PM Sat.  To celebrate the 200th anniversary of Herman Melville’s birth, the Newberry Library will host a Moby-Dick Read-a-Thon lasting 25 continuous hours. By the end of the marathon reading, a series of readers-performers will have collectively read Moby-Dick (aloud) cover to cover!

Hear Michael sing Starry Archipelago from his Moby Dick recording.  


John Devens hosts
Michael Smith Concert
Saturday, Mar 30 at 7 PM
Heritage Gallery
1907 W 103rd
Chicago, IL   60643
PH 773.719.7059
Web address: https://www.facebook.com/Givins-Castle-and-Heritage-Gallery-Concerts-529734740785593/

Watch for news of Michael’s East Coast Spring Tour in April 2019
NY state, Rhode Island and the Boston area.

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copyright 2018/2019.

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  1. Always enjoy your blogs. They aren’t frequent enough. Remember fondly your time with us in June for our 50th wedding anniversary. Have to be of a certain age to remember Pogo and Deck the Halls with Boston Charlies. But I guess we are! Happy New Year to you and Barbara.

    Dannie and Don Angevine
    Brantford ON

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