Michael P. Smith Moby Dick songs concert 9/7/2019

Michael Smith sings Moby Dick
Saturday, Sept 7 at 7 PM
Wishbone North
3300 N Lincoln Ave Chicago, Il
Admission $20.  Advance tickets recommended.
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The Wishbone concert will feature original songs inspired by the seminal American classic, setting the texts from Herman Melville’s novel as sea shanties, story-songs, ballads and anthems. Strong, swarthy, infectious, and infused with Smith’s signature poignant melodies, the songs of Moby Dick are reminiscent of 19th century balladry, and capture the tantalizing power of seafaring life.  In concert and on the newly released recording, Michael’s compositions are performed with stirring vocals and fine guitar playing.  As strong a collection as any in the 21st century Americana folk music lexicon,
Moby Dick may be some of Michael’s best work!
Don’t miss it! 
Read more about Michael Peter Smith’s Fifteen Songs from Moby Dick.

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