May ENews. Out & About.  Birthday/Mother’s Day!  

J. O’Reilly Productions, Cultural Arts and Blog
J. O’Reilly Productions, Cultural Arts and Blog
May ENews. Out & About.  Birthday/Mother's Day!  

Jamie’s Roots in the Garden Series
begins May 16.
New events scheduled.

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Out & About! It’s May!!
A Note from Jamie

Happy Mayday and Happy Mother’s Day! My birthday is Mother’s Day this year.  My daughters and their families and I will at last be all together.  What a gift. Thank you, vaccine! 

Nia. Meg and Jamie at SPACE

A Live Concert
May 16, Dreambox Gallery Courtyard, Chicago
Sunday, May 16 begins Roots in the Garden, a series of intimate, outdoor gatherings reviving my Salons. We’re celebrating spring. Pianist John Erickson joins me in a lovely enclosed courtyard, (home to Iwona Biedermann’s Dreambox Gallery and the Atmos Coffee Shop).  Limited space. Reserve with a $20 donation. We ask that attendees be vaccinated. Ticket Link:
(Enter through Atmos Coffee Shop, grab a coffee and come round back.

Morning on Lake Michigan

Summer, 2021
-Sunday June 27 –  Cary, IL  Jamie, John Erickson
and quite possibly members of the Rogues (address tba)
-Mid-summer, Tre Kronor Swedish Bistro Garden, Chicago

Fall, 2021
-October – Givens Castle, “In Old Chicago” with John Erickson
-November – Chief O’Neill’s Pub & Restaurant “Roots in Ireland Fete,” VIP event

Thanks for the encouragement about the Roots in Ireland Project. 
It is gaining momentum! I started producing a video with videographer Jeffrey Bivens.  A snail-mailing will go out next week.  Out of the Chicago area? There will be plenty of ways you can participate. I am filling in the performance calendar. 

I’m meeting with friends, artists and business owners.  We are planning a VIP event for the fall, and creating gift premiums for supporters.  We are featuring women-owned businesses and artisans among the offerings.

  • House & Garden Concerts for intimate gatherings
  • Jennifer Friedrich’s La Fée Verte Apothecary
  • Chief O’Neill’s Pub, VIP event 
  • Tre Kronor Swedish Bistro & The Sweden Shop
  • Iwona Biedermann’s Dreambox Gallery photography
  • One of a kind clothing and gifts
  • Decorative handicrafts by quilters, seamstresses, crafters
  • Foodstuffs
  • Musical recordings

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