Leavin’ on a JetPlane. Happy Birthday, Bernadette & Bridget

1973930_842325279118199_1788963932_oRevisiting this post. Growing up in that crowded house
Spring began with your birthday.
All these years later, I still welcome
the day with hope and joy.
An encore song from your birthday album.
(with Katrina O’Reilly-Loundy and Peter Swenson)

Click media play and listen. Leavin’ on a JetPlane


“Leaving on a Jet Plane” from Jamie O’Reilly.
Genre: Folk.
Leaving on a Jetplane
Words and music by John Denver
Peter Swenson, engineer at private studio
with Katrina O’Reilly Loundy, vocals, Peter Swenson guitar, bass
Special thanks to Bernadette and Don Haderlein and Bridget O’Reilly for use of this track.

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  1. I missed hearing this song with Katrina Anne and Jamie. How beautiful. I would like to have a copy.

    Love, Trina

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