JULY ROOTS – Michael Smith (music) & Nick Mozak (visual art)


Jamie O’Reilly’s Roots Salon Presents

in Concert

Nick Mozak, “neeko boxes”  in the Gallery

Saturday, July 20 at 8:00 PM
Public concert/Private address in Chicago’ s Lincoln Square

PH: 773.203.7661; roots@jamieoreilly.com

“The thing that stands out most in Michael’s work is his unpredictable creativity just when you think you know where he’s going,lyrically or musically, he’ll turn a metaphoric corner on you, double back, sneak up behind you and slip a rainbow in your pocket.” (Hill Country House Concerts, Bulverde Texas)  More michaelpetersmith.com

Nick and I have been friends since childhood. He was the first to give me fabric scraps and introduce me to the possibilities of working with velvet of royal hues, and the texture of silk chiffon and sumptuous brocades. Many a doll’s dress, settee or puppet was made with the material Nick gave me.

About neeko design boxes
Nick’s impressive resume as a set and costume designer is evident in the imagination and skill of these lovely boxes.

“Recalling a treasure found in an exotic foreign bazaar, these items are covered in block printed cotton and linen. The surface is bleached and hand dyed in natural pigment dyes, varnished and then steel wool rubbed to achieve a worn, antique appearance. Ideal for storing vintage photos, jewelry or special treasures.” The boxes sell for $30 – $50.

Find Nick on etsy: http://www.etsy.com/people/neekodesign