JOR/Michigan event: “Rekindling the Salon” ~ reservations


J. O’Reilly Productions & HotHouse present a Lakeside Studios program

Rekindling the Salon Soiree: Music. Readings. Art. Conversation. Hosted by Jamie O’Reilly & Anne Hills, featuring an Artist Showcase with Sue Demel, Beau O’Reilly & more. Thursday, August 7, 5:30 – 10:30 PM

5:30. Artist talk with Judie Anderson, outside the Studios 7:00. Reception & Performance in the historic ballroom

Lakeside-frontPlace: Lakeshore Inn & Studios 15251 Lake Shore Rd Lakeside, Michigan Tickets: $25 (includes talk, reception & showcase, pay via paypal) Contact: Jamie  (773) 203-7661; Lodging. Contact the Inn, PH (269) 469-0600;

Intimate. Unplugged. Unforgettable. Rekindling the Salon celebrates the shared history of the Chicago/Michigan arts community, revisiting a time of summer soirees, sultry nights and a cool breeze off the lake.


Purchase soiree tickets here $25 (plus $2 handling charge)

Take the Amtrak to New Buffalo, MI.  Lodging at the Inn available.  Free parking. Read about the retreat at this page on Blog:  HotHouse programs:

Postcard and poster designs by Nia O’Reilly Amandes Soiree image by Judie Anderson. See her paintings at Local Color Gallery in Union Pier, MI.

hothouse_logoAnne Hills and Jamie O’Reilly appear as Artists-in-Residence for HotHouse Lakeside Studios 


 Register for the retreat Aug 5-7$360 includes 3 days of workshops, 2 meals a day, showcase in soiree Read more here  

Retreat & Lodging



ABOUT ANNE AND JAMIE 181690_202440916434661_7667034_nTHE LARK AND THE DOVE. ANNE & JAMIE’S MAGNIFICENT ADVENTURE. Jamie met Anne in 1984 when Anne sang with the late Bob Gibson in the musical play “The Courtship of Carl Sandburg”.  Anne first heard Jamie sing at an Irish Festival, and then produced Jamie’s first album at WFMT in Chicago. Projects, shows, concerts, and recordings followed, including “Scarlet Confessions” (with Michael Smith and Paul Amandes), “Imperfect Balance”, Women’s arts series, featuring “Songs of a Kerry Madwoman,” and “The Heartsongs of Opal Whiteley”, and this summer’s happening “Rekindling the Salon,” in Lakeside, MI, August 5-7. Read more about Jamie here, and Anne at Photo: “Scarlet Confessions”, Victory Gardens Theater