Joan of Arc with Michael Smith & Jamie O’Reilly

“I am fire,” he replied. “I love your solitude, I love your pride.”

“Myself I long for love and light. But must it come so cruel, so bright?”

Song Notes from Jamie O’Reilly
My blog will have this new feature: Song Notes, the stories and audio recordings of songs Michael wrote for me and/or performed with me.

Michael Smith and Jamie O’Reilly
breathe fire into Leonard Cohen’s mystical masterpiece.
(Live on WFMT Radio’s Folkstage.

From their production of Scarlet Confessions).
With Anne Hills and Paul Amandes on harmony vocals.

Paul Amandes performs a seering excerpt
from George Bernard Shaw’s play St. Joan

I always let myself succomb completely to the erotic mysticism of this song, and it holds up 20 years later.

Listen here.

Sainte Jeanne d’Arc painting by Paul -Antoine de la Boulaye, 1909

Scarlet Confessions


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