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Jamie winterIt has come to pass that I have a nearly full schedule of one-on-ones with my clients whom I offer advising and production services.  And as I have given away much of my time and effort, I NEED to change things.   As a new Grandmother, I am going to be committed to little Olive several days a week, starting mid April.  Therefore, I have specific office hours, and updated this webpage with new rates, terms of service, and scheduling. Note the use-by policy for your sessions and the incentive if you schedule and pay for more than 4 sessions.  Includes charging for advising on the phone on work for anything over 15 minutes.  Working with me now?  Consider planning ahead and scheduling sessions for April, May and June.  If you are considering working with me, especially on a big project, schedule soon.  And in all cases, please read this.

For performing clients, I am offering a showcase for summer solstice at Roots Salon in mid-June. Contact me if you are interested.



Jamie. The Performer and Michael Smith
Bookings require a contract and a deposit, read about these offerings here: 


Jamie. The Producer.
Projects vary and are on a commission basis.  Sample see 

Jamie. The Teacher.
Singing from the Center Voice Lessons.  Read more. 


1. Media production &  consulting – The Promoter.  My PR hat – short-term promotional services and networking advice to promote a project for and with you. We may engage my team – using the talents of others: a publicist, graphic designer, photographer, and/or editor. Their services will be negotiated separately. 2. Artist development services – The Inner Artist. Guidance and coaching in areas of time-management, presenting and pitching yourself to others, growing a base, navigating the emotional ups and downs of the business, working on goals, critique and self-evaluation.  3Project development – The nuts and bolts.  Getting it done and out of your head. Work on a distinct project – from idea to realization with a work contract, agenda and timeline, created by you with me and in writing.


Media Production Project
Requires a retainer for my services to follow a project.  That amount is $1500, more or less, based on the nature of the project – whether promoting a business, recording or program series. Signed letter of a agreement required. Must be used within 9 mths.

Media Production by-the-hour.  P.R. and promotion advising, writing and design is $80 an hour, plus expenses, where applicable.
New clients: 1 hour deposit upfront.

Artist Advising Sessions Packages.
These includes my charging for advising on the phone on work for anything over 15 minutes. 

1.) On demand meetings.  $75 per hour, with a minimum of 2 hours to be paid upon scheduling appointment.
2.) 4 sessions at a time . $65 per hour, with a minimum of 4 sessions to be paid upon scheduling the session. The sessions need to be completed within 6 weeks.
3.) Meet on a weekly basis.  The rate is $65 an hour, with a 4 month plus one week commitment, total $1040 (a $1500 + value). The final session is gratis if appointments completed within 17 week commitment.  If a performer, Jamie will present a showcase with you as one of the features.  If a writer, Jamie will devote a blog to your work.

Note: There will be a charge for cancellations made less than 24 hours before the appointment.
Promotional services are separate, and charged at rates above.

Artist Project Development Package
Retainer of $1500 (a $2500 + value) provides artistic direction and development customized to the project.  Due upon scheduling of first meeting.  Jamie’s hours not to exceed 24, with client and outside of meetings.  Overtime is $65 an hour.  Project must be completed in 6 months, + 1 week  (or 25 weeks).  Expenses — print materials, other talent, etc — not included.   One hour is gratis if appointments completed within 25 week commitment.  If a performer, Jamie will present a showcase with you as one of the features.  If a writer, Jamie will devote a blog to your work.

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