Jamie’s March E-News: Bridget, Olive story, Roots Ireland project

J. O’Reilly Productions, Cultural Arts and Blog
J. O’Reilly Productions, Cultural Arts and Blog
Jamie's March E-News: Bridget, Olive story, Roots Ireland project

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“The right time is any time that one is still so lucky as to have.”

— Henry James

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

A Note from Jamie
March E-News 2021
My thoughts on the one-year anniversary of the pandemic and time with Olive are part of my blog The Conversation .  Sorting papers, music, and mementos this month, I found the log I kept when I went to Ireland in 1981 on my one and only biking honeymoon. Now I take virtual tours in Ireland from my stationary bike.  I’m going back there! My new project “Jamie’s Rocky Road to Dublin,” will present concert/fundraisers and more, once restrictions are lifted.  Hope you can come!  Jamie

Watch Jamie’s “Irish Eyes” video https://www.jamieoreilly.com/videos/irish-eyes-jamie-o/

Watch Jamie & Meg sing “Red is the Rose” https://www.jamieoreilly.com/videos/red-is-the-rose-with-meg-jamie-2021/

I was a Flower of the mountain yes when I put the rose in my hair like the Andalusian girls used or shall I wear a red yes 

James Joyce, Ullyses

Jamie’s Rocky Road to Dublin. 

In 2022–for the 100-year anniversary of the publication of Ulysses–My sister Bridget will be presenting at the XXVIII International James Joyce Symposium in Dublin.

I will be going to Dublin, then co-hosting an O’Reilly Roots Arts Gathering in West Cork! 

Stay tuned for how you can be involved and be a patron for this exciting artist abroad project! Write me jamie@jamieoreilly.com

This is Bridget
Bridget Winifred O’Reilly is in her 4th year at UC Irvine working toward her PhD in English Literature.  Her dissertation will be on narrative theory and the Modernist novel.  She is a James Joyce scholar who has given papers on Joyce around the world, including Pasadena, London, Montreal, Antwerp, and Cork.  She is a member of the James Joyce Foundation, who meets every year on Bloomsday for a week-long conference.  In June 2021, Bridget will be presenting her paper, “Bloom’s Narratology in Joyce’s Ulysses” at “Omniscientific Joyce: XXVII International James Joyce Symposium” in Trieste. More.  https://joyce2021.org/

“You know Olive, the virus is going to end.
It won’t always be this way.”

My Spring Blog 
The Conversation (excerpt)
“I like the conversation.” Olive calls to me, as I turn off lights in the hall before bed during a sleepover. I spray her pillow with aromatherapy sleeping scents, which leads to talk of smells we like: rose, lavender, jasmine, sandalwood, and peppermint. Which leads to talk of fruit: berries, melons, tropical and citrus. Then we’re on to vegetables: green, leafy, red and orange. Olive talks flavors, tastes, textures and feelings: “smooth,” “crunchy,” “sweet,” “juicy.” She wonders if lemon and lime are really brother and sister. I tell her I think they are.
Read the full story on my blog: https://www.jamieoreilly.com/12160-2/

Love is like a crown of thorns wrapped around my heart.

Irish poem
Michael, Jamie, Peter 1996

SongNotes Blogs
I have a new theme on my blog, featuring songs I sang with, or had written
for me by Michael Smith. This month’s featuring is Young Lad of the Braided Hair. Read about it. https://www.jamieoreilly.com/songnotes1-young-lad-of-the-braided-hair/
Listen to the song here.


  1. Jamie,

    John and I think it is really wonderful that your sister is a Joyce scholar and will be presenting her paper at the James Joyce Symposium. James Joyce’s works have played a special role in our lives. We met as students at the University of Denver, when we were in a class together. John disappeared, into the U.S. Army, but I didn’t know that was where he had gone. After an absence of several school terms, John strolled into a seminar I was taking, with a copy of Portrait of the Artist under his arm. That’s when I knew he was probably the most interesting guy I had ever met.

    Many years later, in 2004, we were able to be in Dublin on June 16th for the Bloomsday centenary. It was a great event, as I am sure the Ulysses publication centenary will be.

    Our best to you and all your super-talented family!

    1. Mary and John
      I am so delighted at these connections. I am going all-in with the project.
      You’ll hear more soon.

      Consider having me come up there with my piano player for a “garden concert?”

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