Jamie’s 65th Birthday Concert/Fundraiser

This fundraiser ends at 7:36 PM Tues May 9 – the time of my birth. We are nearly at the $2,000 level.
(See the link below) Thank you to our community!

This fundraiser helps support the “Voices of Old Chicago Legacy Project” research, writing, development, production and promotion of this gigantic multimedia project!
J. O’Reilly Productions is a small, woman owned cultural arts business.
We associate with the finest not-for-profit arts institutions. supportive businesses and venues.

We engage the services of the finest talent: performers, visual designers, musical arrangers, and tech professionals. The success of our projects is due to the Roots Community and audiences. We are grateful for your support for over 25 years of programming and recordings.

Donate here via PayPal.

Sunday May 7, Tre Kronor Swedish Bistro

Purchase tickets to the Mothers & Daughters
event here: https://www.jamieoreilly.com/events/2023-05-07/