Jamie O’Reilly & The Rogues – Vintage Christmas Music

Vintage* Rogues “A Rogues Christmas”
Jamie & the Rogues with Cecilie O’Reilly

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Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming/Jamie O’Reilly & The Rogues

A Cradle in Bethlehem.Jamie O’Reilly

White Christmas/Jamie O’Reilly & The Rogues

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas/Jamie O’Reilly & The Rogues

(*Unreleased recording. Timothy Powell, engineer.
Live at Fitzgerald’s 1989, with thanks to Tom and Gerry Amandes)


Jamie O’Reilly & The Rogues were:
Jamie O’Reilly (soprano lead vocals)
Paul Amandes (tenor lead vocals, guitar)
Tom Amandes (bass lead vocals, tin whistle, bodhran, piano)
Stuart Rosenberg (violin, mandolin, oud)
John Floeter (double bass, harmony vocals)
Peter Swenson (guitar, harmony vocals)
with special guest Cecilie O’Reilly (alto lead vocals)





“Little rogues easily become great ones.” – Poor Richard’s Almanac

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