Jamie O. Sept ENews Summer’s End

Jamie O’Reilly
Sept. ENews
Summer’s End

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  • Sun. Sept 12 Roots in the Garden Concert
  • A Note from Jamie
  • Update on Roots in Ireland Project
  • Save-the-date Oct 2 In Old Chicago at Givins Castle 

Roots in the Garden, Outdoor Concert
Sunday, September 12 at 4PM
West Rogers Park, Chicago

In her final concert of the Roots in the Garden Series, Jamie performs signature songs and a few autumn ballads, with John Erickson on piano.  The expansive Covid-safe backyard of the Rattenbury/Grove home is the setitng. Raindate is Oct 3. 

Reserve your spot for Sept 12 here.
Event page. https://www.jamieoreilly.com/events/jamie-oreilly-summers-end-concert-sept-12-rogers-park/

I want that love that moved the mountains.
I want that love that split the ocean.
I want that love that made the winds tremble.
I want that love that roared like thunder.


A Note from Jamie
I’ve been to the mountains.
I’ve been to the sea.

August was a time to get away. My brother Willem and partner Diane hosted me in Denver and took me to the Rockies: elevation 12,000 ft!  Anne Hills came to town, and then we drove cross-country, with her friend Al Power, with stops in Rochester, NY, Bethlehem, Pa, and then a sunny weekend at the Jersey Shore. 

Anne and Al completed “Sanctuary City”, a song for my In Old Chicago show.  I’ll preview it on Sunday, Sept 12 at our final Roots in the Garden concert on Pratt Blvd in Chicago.  This month filmmaker Jeff Bivens and I finish shooting the Roots in Ireland promo video.  A full plate to be sure!
Peace in this challenging time, Jamie

Anne and Jamie at the Erie Canal State Park
Jamie at Stone Harbor beach, Atlantic Ocean

Update on the Roots in Ireland Project

Sat. Nov 6 at 7 PM
Roots in Ireland Concert Fundraiser
and Silent Auction
Chief O’Neill’s Pub
3471 N Elston, Chicago
$25. (admission)

“Jamie is especially gifted, with her vibrant voice and a passion for life.”
(Studs Terkel)

A group of volunteers is helping me put together a great list of Items for the auction.  We will feature the work of gifted artisans and offerings from Women-owned businesses.

How would you like to participate? Donate an item? 

Contribute here: https://www.jamieoreilly.com/roots-in-ireland-project-donor-page/

CD covere by Nia O’Reilly Amandes

Sat Oct 2 at 8 PM
In Old Chicago
with Jamie O’Reilly
John Erickson, piano
Givins Castle, Beverly
10244 S. Longwood Drive

All of Jamie’s concerts respect Covid-prevention protocols:
vaccinated adults, masking, and social distancing.

Jamie & Anne at the Erie Canal photo by Al Power
Jamie on Trail Ridge Road, Rocky Mtn National Park. photo by Diane Irvin
Stone Harbor, NJ, Atlantic Ocean photo by Anne Hills
In Old Chicago photo by Iwona Biedermann
Poster design by Nia O’Reilly-Amandes

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