Give close to home. More than soup kitchens. The need is among us.

This season, think of the lesson of The Gift of the Magi.

Excellent story on Bob Edwards Weekend NPR radio today on hunger. Coming from a family who got Thanksgiving boxes left on the porch, and hot lunch at the public high school, and counted on one meal a day in college when I waited tables… This is NO small problem today, 50 years later. The needy are among us: our working artists, teachers, healthcare workers, students, close friends.

We who share what we have in community, especially for those who do not ask, why not expand your table and your rounds this season?  Have a single friend to dinner, host a potluck and give leftovers, drop a package on the doorstep.

I have told people about Panera Cares and its shame free way of giving you a hot meal for as little as a quarter.

The WhyHunger organization is rated very high for ethics..

Please remember a little charity close to home goes a long way.